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Richard Love

Richard Love, Founder

TI Associates, Inc. was founded in 1977, to provide contract window treatments and privacy curtains to the rapidly growing Health Care Industry. With the advent of Medicare and Medicaid in the late 1960’s, private Investors began to realize that there was real growth potential in the fragmented “mom & pop” Nursing Home business and they began to acquire facilities at a rapid rate. Two of the most successful, Beverly Enterprises of Fort Smith, Arkansas and Hillhaven Corporation of Tacoma, Washington were solicited by our founder, Richard Love and they both became clients in 1981. Other regional and national chains were added and within a few years, TI had installed their products in hundreds of nursing facilities located throughout the United States.

During this time of rapid growth, TI introduced several innovative concepts to our clients in our endeavor to provide quality products and service aligned with more competitive pricing:

- Establishment of “Contract Pricing” system with textile mills. As a result, prices to the end user have been greatly reduced.

- Introduction of Kirsch “Accordia-Fold” snap tape, baton draw drapery heading system offering lower maintenance and greater durability.

- TI developed “Snap-Out” liner which enabled the facility to leave the liner in place while the over drapery was being cleaned, thus reducing the need for spares.

- “No Snag” header pioneered to accommodate mandates set by NFPA regarding the change to ½” hole mesh for cubicle curtains in sprinkled building

In 1984, TI Associates moved to a new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Norfolk, Va. This 12,000 foot facility enables us to control the quality and delivery of all of our textile products. Our mission statement is to “Do whatever it takes to satisfy our client and to operate in a “no surprise” environment”.

Out of approximately fifty employees, almost 25% have been with us for twenty years or more. This wealth of experience enables TI to offer a higher level of professional service that is not often found in the drapery business.

In addition to our Norfolk team, over the years we have developed a highly trained and dependable team of contract installation specialists. These strategically located individuals allow us to offer “cost effective” service, coast to coast. Since most installations take place in an occupied facility, our installers are cautioned to be very sympathetic to the needs of the elderly and endeavor to get the job done in a neat and efficient manner. Finally, our installers are our final quality control inspectors and they function as our “eyes and ears” to insure client satisfaction.

We suggest with confidence that you consider TI Associates, Inc. your local source for window treatments, hardware, cubicle curtains and bedspreads.