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TI AssociatesOur corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Norfolk, VA. With over 11,000 square feet dedicated to production and warehousing, we have the capability of meeting the frequently demanding needs of our clients.

Over the years, we have continually up-graded our equipment to increase our efficiencies and work-flow. Our “five-step” quality control process insures that our products meet the highest industry standards. We have separate production lines for cubicle curtains, draperies, decorative treatments, cornices and hardware. The decorative treatments that we are asked to fabricate are limited only to the imagination of our clients; the submittal of a photograph, line drawing or a page from a magazine is all we need to produce a beautiful and expertly made decorative treatment.

To insure that deadlines are met, our policy is to inspect and measure every yard of fabric when it is received, even if the job has not yet been scheduled for production. In this manner, if defects or shortages are discovered, the fabric is immediately reordered. Once we are satisfied that we have the fabric to complete the job, those fabrics are placed in a dedicated job bin until the production date is set.

At any given time, we may have as many as a hundred projects in house at various stages of production. We have completed as many as a thousand contracts in a calendar year. Projects can range from $100.00 to well into the six figures; however the important thing to our clients is not the dollar volume we register each year but whether or not we deliver a quality product to meet expected deadlines on each individual project. We can say with a great deal of pride that what we have an excellent record of client satisfaction in that regard.

We have over thirty years of experience serving the needs of many of the nation’s largest Health Care Providers, including hospitals, long term care, medical office buildings, and assisted living facilities. We provide services from the budget process to the completed job and always suggest that we be responsible for the final measurements. We have completed projects in every state with the exception of Alaska. In addition, we have completed over twenty large assisted living facilities in Europe and Canada. It is no exaggeration to say that you should consider TI Associates, Inc. as your local source for window treatments and other custom textile products.